This is a list completely done on my personal opinion. If you’d like to leave your feedback it would be fantastic to hear your views (most likely berating my opinions!).

Anyway, chillout music has always been a highly played category of music and there are countless albums such as ibiza chillout, ultimate chillout, the list goes on. The following is the list of the bands (that I have heard of), that I rank highest on my personal list.

10/ Röyksopp
– If you’re in to slightly trance/dancey sounding chillout then make sure to check these guys out. Sounds brilliant.

9/ LemonJelly
– Only recently discovered this band. All i know is that every song I’ve heard I’ve loved. Some nice beats in there but not too fast or hard to move it away from some great relaxing music.

8/ 4 Strings
– I haven’t heard much by these at all, but I was recommended them for this list. After a brief listen on youtube they definitely seem like a band to check out. I know I’ll be getting hold of their album (and writing a review) as soon as i possibly can.

7/ Mono
– Not known by too many people, this japanese post rock band are just breathaking. I didn’t list them higher because whilst they are breathtaking, I wasn’t too sure whether they official fell under chillout as a lot of their riffs do get a little heavy.
You need to check this band out if you like progressive tracks which build up to a climax. The tracks are normally around 10-25minutes long, but youtube has some shorter ones – make sure to find the right band too.

6/ Air
– Classic chillout band. Nice sounding music, but as I’ve not heard very much of them I can’t put them higher than here, even though they have a very good reputation..

5/ Enigma
– Great sounding and majorly relaxing. They’re often featured on chillout albums and for a reason. Great background music.

4/ Zero 7
– These have to be on here and quite high up the list if this list is to have any credibility. Check out “Destiny” for a quality introduction to his band. Was thinking about perhaps putting them higher, but number 4 they shall remain.

3/ Moby
– Not his biggest fan, but I have to respect him. I like some of the lesser known tracks as well as some of the classics however. Songs such as “why does my heart feel so bad” and “porcelain” are undoubtedly pinnacles of mainstream chillout music.

2/ Massive Attack
– Angel, Teardrop, the list could go on and on. Sublime chill out music! But not quite at the top of the charts so to speak.

1/ Sigur Ros
– These guys have to be number one. I mean, wow. Nothing much can be said about the emotion that their music conveys. It’s perfect and the one good thing about the ending to Vanilla Sky!
The Music Mag recently wrote a review on Sigur Ros’ untitled album, make sure to check it out for more information on the brilliant Icelandic band.