This is free promotion for all unsigned bands out there in the UK. Katherine Robinson is a graphic design student who wants to offer this great free promotion for those who want it. This is what she has to say:

This is a Graphic Communication end of year project that will source UK unsigned bands and artists of any genre to promote within a design for a fictitious music magazine and digital space. This is a great opportunity for people seeking free promotion as the project is exhibited in Bury and London when complete!

Be quirky, interesting and sell yourselves as the best thing yet! Make people want to get to know you more and keep your fans interested.

i need you

All you have to do is send over some information, photographs, music and videos that can be used within artwork for a music magazine that will promote you, the rest is up to me!

Deadline date is the 21st of April 2013 unless requested and authorised otherwise. Information and supplies can be added to throughout the project anytime before the end of April.

With regards to the magazine design, some interests will be made as page spreads and others as small article advertisements. If you want to request a certain sized space please contact me as soon as possible, these spaces are subject to availability. Space will be available to advertise other people interested within the music industry community, whether it is a record label, reporter, photographer,lyricist or fanatic. If you know anyone that may suit this role please pass on details.

Contact Information