The sound of The Atelier is owed to the collective passion for creating unique and wonderful music that all six musicians share. Brought together over the course of the spring and summer of 2011 by the multi-talented duo of Thomas Carli-Jarlier and Vasilisa Illicheva, who wanted to surround themselves with musicians they loved.

The Atelier Band

The Atelier is made up of six people from different countries and different musical backgrounds, each bringing their own voices and experience to the workshop. The music glides effortlessly from the softest, most fragile Jazz moments, to head bobbing, floor shaking dance grooves and beyond. This is not a Fusion band. This is the sound of six friends constantly pushing the limits of their creativity. This is The Atelier.

Smooth… Sultry…. Sexy…

The Atelier – Gold by The Atelier

To begin the beautiful jazz melodies are soothing and share a highly influenced blues vibe: superbly recorded and delivered by the band. But don’t get complacent as just around the corner lies a pissed off woman prepared to rip your heart out and stomp on it repeatedly.

The vocals are emotional and the lyrics seem to derive from what one would expect to be an ex-boyfriend treating her badly.

‘Gold’ is chilled, powerful, relaxing and disturbing. A definite listen.

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