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The Music Mag features everything you need to know about tons of amazing unsigned Musicians. It's a music blog based in the UK featuring artists from all over the world. If you're a music lover then check out the reviews and features! If you're a musician then take a look around, follow us on Facebook and be sure to submit your music on the tab above!

This is not just a music blog featuring UK music, it's a music blog featuring music from all over the world and a community to find amazing new songs, expand your mind, and to get involved! The music blog also offers Music Promotion: including press releases, EPKs and social media optimization. It's a great place to support unsigned music in the UK, and indeed all over the world.

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Slightly Left of Centre - Call me for the weekend

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The Music Mag loves finding amazing, undiscovered tracks and sharing them with as many people as possible. Whether it's a busker with a guitar or a DJ spinning some decks.

This month we're loving: Beautiful Acoustic Music
And make sure to check out our feature - music used in online games.

And There's More...

The Music Mag also features Unsigned Band Reviews, Youtube Music Pick, Band Competitions and much much more.


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    The Principal
    New single 'Shock to the system'

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